Break the spell.

My name is Conner Kees.

I’m an acupuncturist, energy healer, and spiritual mentor. I’m also the host of the Making The Medicine Podcast, where we explore the wisdom and the science of humankind’s innate ability for transformation and healing.

About Me


I am a licensed acupuncturist, certified herbalist, and wellness expert with years of experience helping clients achieve their goals through nutrition, lifestyle & tradition medicine.

Energy Healer

I am incredibly thankful for the intentional healing and energy work mentors I have had in my life and I intend to let the revelation of this human potential to flourish into our future.


I am the host of the Making The Medicine Podcast, which addresses the dawning of a new science that fuses quantum biology, metaphysics, and timeless spiritual wisdom.

Work with Conner

I offer private, in-person acupuncture and biomagnetic resonance therapy in Black Mountain, NC. I also offer holistic wellness and spiritual coaching online, along with intentional healing and energy work sessions.

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What People Say

I was daydreaming while waiting for him to begin the energy work when I was suddenly jolted to awareness, like a slap in the face. The intentional healing is a very real experience. This is my choice for keeping my health all tuned up.

Sherri, California

Conner is a very knowledgeable and skilled healer. I can feel that he is truly sincere and genuinely wants to help people improve their health and happiness. Conner is seriously a rare gem.

Brigitte, North Carolina

Recent Blogs

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    In Chinese Medicine, the term shen is used to refer to what is most often translated as spirit. In Chinese culture, this term, shen, can refer to deities or spiritual beings but also to the light of the stars. In it’s universalized form, it may be more akin to what we might think of asContinue reading “Biophotonics and Shen, Pt.1”
  • Cell Division and the Four Directions
    In Daoist metaphyics, as in Pythagoreanism, the manifest world is preceded by number. As you increase in number, you increase in complexity – moving away from the unmanifest (“Heaven”) and into manifestation. The One, the Two, the Three, and so on represent archetectonic forms into which the manifest world conforms as it is expressed byContinue reading “Cell Division and the Four Directions”
  • Jingshen and Biogenesis
    Let’s jump right to 40,000 feet. As discussed in the blog (particularly here), the phenomenon of life can be thought of as some sort of macro-scale, structured-water, quantum-information-organizing symphony of light, sound, and electromagnetism. It utilizes the natural crystalline properties of water to extract energy from the ether (“quantum vacuum fluctuations”) in order to liveContinue reading “Jingshen and Biogenesis”

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